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'22-'72 Rig


                                                                                     ALUMNI APPRECIATION                                                                      


             Class of '72 presents ceremonial parachute system to USNAPT


                                                                                                                          FRIENDS !!

You may not realize that this organization is in it's fledgling phase.  Recognition by the Academy administration was first established in March, 2008.  We're trying to raise funding subsidies and contributions for skydiving expenses, equipment, aircraft, and travel support for involvement in the competitive skydiving universe.  The intention is also to develop the Demo Team to be available for skydive demonstrations on campus, at Navy-Marine Corps stadium, and other venues.

You're probably aware that USAFA and USMA already have these programs; in spades.   The desire is to make inroads similar to their programs.

If you care to assist, and be recognized, please click 'Register' above, and provide the necessary information.  In the 'SponsorStatus' box, put 'Yes'.   ...   If you can't make a material contribution, please provide in the 'AgencyContact' box any name or agency, and a contact, that you feel will have a sentiment toward our endeavor.  At least, please forward this website address to a colleague or someone you consider may be an Academy supporter.  Note that Academy personnel are not allowed to seek assistance and/or contributions directly.  We at this website act strictly as a communication conduit on the status and activities of the Parachute Team, and the Skydiving Club. 

All contributions must be mailed to: 

Comptroller-Gift Fund Division    181 Wainwright Road    Annapolis, MD 21412

Attn:   MWF - Parachute Team

                 This request is made with advance appreciation and sincere thanks.  For some background on what's happened in the past, please refer to these links, in addition to other links on this site:

Here Comes the Navy 

Wings & Wheels

Black & Gold Meet

USNAPT at the Wind Tunnel

Sunshine! Sunshine!

Annapolis & West Point at Aberdeen


For more information, see SupportUSNAPT





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VADM (SEAL) Bob Harward, Jr.


VADM (SEAL) Bob Harward, Jr. '79 

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