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The content on this page consists of USNAPT activities before 2016.  

On October 26, 2017, a new era of USNAPT skydiving was instituted.  We call it the 'REVIVAL'.

Please see the REVIVAL page for a guide to contemporary activity.


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                              NAVY - MC STADIUM DEMO JUMPS BY USNAPT 

                             LEAP FROGS DEMO INTO WORDEN FIELD 
                                                                               (Info on Leap Frogs)


          Jake Bestg     USNAPT Leaders Acquire USPA Supervisory Ratings        Jake Mendelson

     2/C Jake Best - Team Leader                                                                                                                                                 1/C Jake Mendelson - Team XO                                                                 USPA Coach                                                                                                                                                            USPA Accelerated Freefall Instructor
                 USPA PRO                                                                                                                                                                           USPA PRO     USPA Coach

                                                              SEE THE NEW ISAM PAGE  


                                          USNAPT Collegiate Championships Report  Newsletters  

                                                See new articles on EVENTS page !!                                                       

                               USNASC'S Earliest Supporter in 2nd Retirement -- LtGen Jack Klimp  

                                           Meet the new USNASC supporter !   Randy Connell                                                     



   COL Bobbi Shea, Deputy Commandant, USNA,  doing a tandem skydive as a guest of the USNAPT, with Jake Best and Ryan Hill making freefall contact; wearing smoke.  SEE VIDEO

                See article on 'COL Shea' page               


The skydive load:  l to r;  top - Mike Davidson (Team Trainer), Caitie Petrofes, Ryan Hill, COL Shea, Mike Schultz (Instructor), Jake Best, James Maxwell, Matt Cecala, John Judy (Team Coach), kneeling - Will Voorheis (Freefall Videographer), Quentin Leadbeter


       COL Shea receives skydive certificate from Ryan Hill, USNAPT Capt., while Mike Davidson shines with approval.

Sam Prescott at 2011 USPA Collegiate National Championships

Sam set a new record in winning the Intermediate Sport Accuracy event with a perfect score for four jumps



Mike Davidson, Maj. USA (ret'd.); Former Army Golden Knights XO; Team Trainer

Mike Davidson, Head Coach


      Team Support:

     LtGen Jack Klimp, USMC (ret'd.)  Early USNA skydiving Supporter   CAPT Norm Olson, SEAL Team Cmdr. (ret'd.); originator of Leap Frogs, USN Skydiving Team   ADM Eric T. Olson (USN ret'd)/USNA original skydiver/Past CO of USSOCOM   Chip Maury/Pioneer in Freefall Photography/Ret'd SEAL    COL Tom Kolditz/West Point (USMA) Faculty Skydiving Instructor      

    LtGen Klimp      CAPT Olson       ADM Olson     Chip Maury          GEN Kolditz     CAPT Boniface  LCDR Weisser

         Peter Nelson CDR USN (ret'd.)      Rich Black, U.S. Navy Seal (ret'd.); early USNA skydiving Supporter          Amanda Owens, Former DZ Manager, Sebastian, FL; Wind Tunnel trainer      CPO David Watson, USN ret'd.,  early USNA skydiving supporter     

      Peter Nelson       Rich Black        Joannie Murphy   Amanda Owens  David Watson  Randy Connell


 USNAPT Charter Group 2008:  Maj. Mike Butler, USMC; Midn. 1/C Ben Fox (Class of 2009), 1/C Brian McMenamin (Class of 2009); Maj. Mike Davidson, USA (ret'd.); Team Trainer  USNAPT Charter Group 4-way:   Mike Butler, Ben Fox, Brian McMenamin, Mike Davidson


   Mike Butler, Maj. USMC, 2008 Ofcr. Rep., Team Supporter  Team Supporters:  Col. Mike McDonald, USANG, Mike Schultz (USNAPT Coach), Col. Cliff Latta, USAF  


Brian Kunkowski, DZ Operator, Skydive Delmarva  Kathy Kunkowski  Bill Spangler, Skydive Delmarva  Dave Matchett, General Manager, Skydive Delmarva 

CLASS OF 2013:

                Dan Murphy               Sam Prescott                Zach Tatum                     Nick Hardesty            Mitch Graves           Elise Lagergren

         1/C Dan Murphy; Co-Captain   2/C Sam Prescott; Co-Captain        2/C Nick Hardesty     2/C Mitch Graves   2/C Elise Lagergren

                   Navy Air                  Marine Air                         Navy Air                        Marine Air                    Marines                   Navy Air 

CLASS OF 2014:

               3/C Josh Whitt   3/C Caitlin Chrans   3/C Chase Allan   3/C Brian Holloway   3/C Matt McKeen   3/C Nick Aufderheide  

                   Josh Whitt             Cait Chrans           Chase Allen              Brian Holloway          Matt McKeen          Nick Aufderheide          Kevin Sercia                                            




You may not realize that this organization is in it's fledgling phase.  Recognition by the Academy administration was first established in March, 2008.  We're trying to raise funding subsidies and contributions for skydiving expenses, equipment, aircraft, and travel support for involvement in the competitive skydiving universe.  The intention is also to develop the Demo Team to be available for skydive demonstrations on campus, at Navy-Marine Corps stadium, and other venues.

You're probably aware that USAFA and USMA already have these programs; in spades.   The desire is to make inroads similar to their programs.

If you care to assist, and be recognized, please click 'Register' above, and provide the necessary information.  In the 'SponsorStatus' box, put 'Yes'.   ...   If you can't make a material contribution, please provide in the 'AgencyContact' box any name or agency, and a contact, that you feel will have a sentiment toward our endeavor.  At least, please forward this website address to a colleague or someone you consider may be an Academy supporter.  Note that Academy personnel are not allowed to seek assistance and/or contributions directly.  We at this website act strictly as a communication conduit on the status and activities of the Parachute Team, and the Skydiving Club. 

All contributions must be mailed to: 

Comptroller-Gift Fund Division    181 Wainwright Road    Annapolis, MD 21412

Attn:   MWF - Parachute Team

                 This request is made with advance appreciation and sincere thanks.  For some background on what's happened so

 far, please refer to these links:

Here Comes the Navy 

Wings & Wheels

Black & Gold Meet

USNAPT at the Wind Tunnel

Sunshine! Sunshine!

Annapolis & West Point at Aberdeen



This website is not the official website for the USNA Skydiving Club.  It has no direct connection with the Naval Academy administration or personnel.  It's purpose is to assist the process of fundraising and subsidy for the USNA Parachute Team.  It does not handle funds.  See 'Sponsors' panel above for contribution process.




        Establish a formal program of skydiving instruction to:

       Safely introduce midshipmen to the third-dimensional aviation environment and the unique psychodynamic demands of performance;  for the pursuit of self-awareness, self-conquest and improved self-control under stress.    This group is known as the

Naval Academy Skydiving Club (USNASC)

       Develop a capable contingent to represent the United States Naval Academy at inter-service and inter-collegiate skydiving competitions; including the United States Parachute Association Collegiate National Championships.  This group is known as the

Naval Academy Parachute Team (USNAPT)

  Train selected midshipmen from the Parachute Team to demonstrate precision freefall and parachute accuracy skills on-campus, at Navy-Marine Corps stadium, or any other venue where exposure to the public of contemporary Academy programs may enhance it's image and progressive nature. This group is known as the

Naval Academy Skydiving Demo Team


                                                 Naval Academy Parachute Team (USNAPT) at Black & Gold Invitational Meet, Fort Bragg, 2008


Front:  SSG Howie Sanborn, USAPT (Golden Knights) Black Demo Team, Midn. 3/C Micah Penley, 1/C Jill Hutchinson, 2/C Sallie Haas, 2/C Brittany Bolton, SFC Matt Davidson, USAPT Formation Skydiving Team.  Rear:  Maj. Mike Butler, USMC, Midn. 3/C Nick Firestone, 1/C Ben Fox, 1/C Brian McMenamin, 3/C Rob Roy, 2/C Mike Head, 1/C Dane Robie, Maj. Mike Davidson, USA (Ret.), Coach.   Not present:  1/C Allan Ambris



                                                                             2010 USNAPT: Joint training session w/ USMA West Point.  C-130 aircraft

                                                                               L to R:  Micah Penley, Nick Hardesty, Mitch Graves, Chase Allan, Mike Schultz, Jordan Davidson,

                                                                                      Rob Roy, Brendan Aronson, Robert Nelson, Aaron Frunzi, Dan Murphy, Sam Prescott,

                                                                                                                                         LT Jeff Applebaugh, USN, Off.Rep. 




Headed by First Class Mids Matt McKeen, Brian Holloway, Nick Aufderheide, and Cait Chrans, Katie Dawley, plus 2nd Class USNAPT Captain Ryan Hill, Chris Dunn, Youngster Jake Mendelson, and Plebe Jake Best, a group of 21 Mids took the AFF Course over the weeklong period.

Luke Jackson and Ryan Breznik spent spring break 2014 in Dallas, TX.  Note the great sunset photo below.


(See article on Team Training Page - Training Exercises)

Awesome photo of U. S. Navy Parachute Team (Leap Frogs) in 9-way freefall formation with 2/C Dan Murphy and Sam Prescott in middle (forecenter); over San Diego Skydiving Center, Chula Vista, CA

January, 2011

Midshipmen Meet Navy Leap Frogs at Army-Navy Game after Demo Into Stadium  12/11/2010


Photo on Left:  L to R;  1/C Aaron Funzi, 4/C Chase Allan, 3/C Nick Hardesty, 1/C Brendan Aronson, 2/C Robert Nelson, 3/C Sam Prescott, 1/C Rob Roy, 3/C Dan Murphy, 3/C Mitch Graves

Hoping one day to emulate the Leap Frogs ability to do stadium demos, the USNAPT meets with that group at the Army-Navy game;  won by Navy.  Thanks to CAPT (ret'd)  Norm Olson for interceding with Leap Frogs to allow the Academy Team leadership to arrange the meeting. 

The previous week, 12/4/2010, the USNAPT met with the Black Knights of USMA West Point at Phillips AAF field in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD for a joint USNA/USMA training exercise from the Marine Corps Reserve C-130.

(See photos at the Photo Gallery on Members Page)